Twin Lakes Hotel Review

Twin Lakes Hotel Review

We recently went on a road trip to Twin Lakes Hotel in Batangas City, Philippines. From our stay at the Seda Hotel in Nuvali, we went straight to Twin Lakes, traversing the roads while Typhoon Paeng wreaks havoc across the country. 


In this Twin Lakes Hotel review, we will share with you highlights of our 3D 2N stay at the hotel and how was our experience at their first ever Halloween party, specifically the Kids Party.


The Roadtrip to Twin Lakes Hotel

The trip to Twin Lakes Hotel would take you through the scenic roads of Tagaytay all the way to Batangas along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway.


Google Maps (or even Waze) won't show you the exact way to go to the Hotel, so if you are coming from Tagaytay, look to the left for the road before Tap Station so you would not miss the way going to the Hotel.



The Twin Lakes Hotel

The Twin Lakes Hotel actually looks like a castle as my son describes it. They did a really great job at making the place magical and feels like a 5 star hotel.

Twin Lakes Hotel Review

Having built few years back, the hotel still maintains its picturesque charm.


Twin Lakes Hotel Review

You'll find a lot of places inside the hotel that are Instagram (IG) worthy!


Check in Time is usually at 3PM but we went there earlier. There was a line at the check-in counters so took a few minutes to get things in order and we already got the room ready.


The Room

Twin Lakes Hotel Review

Before going out to the Grand Ballroom for the 2PM Whimsical Tales - Kids Party, Halloween Event, we checked in our room and it was HUGE! We booked a DELUXE ROOM as their standard rooms were fully booked. There was generous space to move around for my son so he enjoyed staying there.

The BED was far from perfect. It does not compare to the EMMA bed that we bought.


Whimsical Tales Kids Party

Twin Lakes Hotel Whimsical Tales

The Halloween started late, maybe around 330pm so we were waiting for an hour and a half before the program started. The event is NOT FREE and our booking included 2 tickets to the event so I bought another one for myself. This was the FIRST Halloween event of the hotel so we expected hiccups as it was technically their first time and the event pushed thru while typhoon Paeng was pouring heavy rains across the country, including Batangas which was Signal no. 2-3 at that time with an Orange - Red signal for rains.


Twin Lakes Hotel Whimsical Tales

The Tickets to the Event went for Php1,000++ and it included Heavy Snacks. The selection was good but it would have been WAY BETTER if they had this as a SITDOWN, PLATED snacks as people lined up too long and waited for the food to be replenished. Again, this is technically the hotel staff's first time for such an event, and given heavy rains, they did not think a lot of people would be at the event. Also, the plated snacks would prevent anyone without any ticket to avail of the snacks (which I think a lot of outsiders freely got, typically this happens during events, who doesn't want free food?)

Twin Lakes Hotel

There were a lot of fun activities, games, and magic show that my son enjoyed the event and we were there for the entire duration until 7PM. Definitely looking forward to next year's event!


Twin Lakes Hotel Cafe - Restaurant

Twin Lakes Hotel Food

During our stay at the hotel, we ate at their restaurant during Breakfast and Dinner, as the rains keep pouring in during our stay. For the quality of food, we would say that its OK but definitely something to improve on.

In terms of variety of their Breakfast and Dinner buffet, there were limited choices as compared to similar (star rated) hotels that we stayed in. Its OK, but not great. Kids here do not eat for free so you shoulder HALF of their regular price, which is already at Php1,000++. They DO NOT have a MENU so you just ask them what's available. They had DINNER BUFFETS during our stay, so on the 2nd night we just ordered in the room service as they WON'T serve ALA CARTE at the restaurant.


The Facilities and Twin Lakes Views

Twin Lakes Shopping Village

You WOULD NEVER ran out of perfect backgrounds at the hotel or the nearby Twin Lakes shopping village. We suggest going there for Lunch and if you can take their hourly service vans going to and from the shopping village. Although their service is far from perfect as hotel guests complain about vans not going there on time and unable to pick up from the shopping village.


Twin Lakes Hotel

Outside their rooms, you have majestic views of the Taal Lake and their Vineyard. We recommend staying the Lake Side wing. Our room was at Level L1 which is one floor down from the grand lobby. This is also the Parking level where we parked the car so expect some noise when a driver revs his engine! Rooms are up to several floors down and up from the grand lobby.


Twin Lakes Hotel Spa

We won a 1hour spa voucher during the Halloween event so my wife took it and I think she loved it.